Safe C++ Currency Library


Pecunia is designed to be an easy to use C++ currency library.

Stable Version 0.6.1

There are packages of the current stable version below, or checkout the stable release branch using Mercurial .



Below is an illustration of adding two items purchased and storing their sum into a single variable.

Money pop{1, 2500, Iso4217Codes::USD};
Money candy{0, 7500, Iso4217Codes::USD};
Money sum{pop + candy}; // Sum holds 2 USD.

More complex examples and explanations are available on the Wiki

Known Issues

  1. Stream insertion operator does not clean up afterwards.
  2. Stream extraction operator does not clean up afterwards.
  3. Stream Insertion does not work correctly on Windows and macOS.

Report Issues

If you have an issue, enhancement, or wish that you would like to let us know. Please submit your report and we'll address it.

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