Dux Rei Nummariae (Budget Navigator)

Surveying Your Financial Future


DRN (Budget Navigator), Dux Rei Nummariae, is designed to give a simple and easy way to manage your personal finances. It works by tracking only the things that matter to you and not tracking every single transaction. Allowing you to focus on what is important, building the financial future you want.

Stable Alpha Version 0.5.0

There are packages of the current stable version below, or checkout the stable release branch using Mercurial .


Known Issues

  1. The transaction interface only supports adding, editing, removing transactions from one account at a time.
  2. The transaction interface only supports adding a single transaction at a time.

Additional issues may be found in the issue tracker .

Report Issues

If you have an issue, enhancement, or wish that you would like to let us know. Please submit your report and we'll address it.

Downloads & Packages

Operating system specific packages and installers are available below. Select the download which most matches your computer and desired install wishes.


Select a download below to have a runnable version installed onto your computer. All binary packages are signed using my FSF key .

N.B. For GNU/Linux, Pecunia is a required dependency version 0.5.1 .

For Windows, MS VS C++ Redist 2019 is required & 2010 is optional for currency exchange rate fetching.

Type Debian Fedora macOS Mageia Windows
Executable AMD 64 x86_64 x86_64 Win 64 Installer
Debug AMD 64 x86_64 x86_64 Source x86_64 x86_64 Source
Development AMD 64 No Arch No Arch
Source Orig Packaging DSC Build Info Changes SRC Src


Select the download below to have the source code extracted onto your computer.


You can track the development version by using Mercurial on the default branch .

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