UFPM, Uniform File Permission Modifier, is designed to modify all files and directories to have a uniform permission set based upon their file type. This application solves the problem of inconsistent permissions within a user's home directory. Often these permission variations are a result of moving files between file systems that have permissions and those that do not, e.g. off a USB pen drive.

Stable Version 1.5.0

There are packages of the current stable version below, or checkout the latest release branch using Mercurial .


  • Gives regular files and directories different appropriate permissions.
  • Files and directories are only modified if they do not already contain the appropriate permissions.
  • Backup files, hidden files, and hidden directories are all given appropriate permissions.
  • Script files are given appropriate permissions.
  • ELF binaries can all be given appropriate permissions.
  • Give files and directories a unified user and group setting.

Known Issues

  1. None.

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