SysUp, System Update, is designed to reduce the burden of a system administrator keeping multiple clients up-to-date by using cron or such similar programme. In addition a novice user can ensure his machine is always running the latest releases and ensure any issues are handled by having his logs monitored by a trusted friend.

Stable Version

There are packages of the current stable version below. N.B. this project is no longer maintained and is kept for posterity.


The following are the current features:

  • Updates all installed programmes and the kernel as well.
  • Update locate database on an update.
  • Update menu structure on an update.
  • E-mails the system administrator the results of the update.

Known Issues

The following are the current known issues:

  • Only supports Mandriva.

Report Issues

If you have an issue, enhancement, or wish that you would like, submit your report and it will be addressed.


Presented below are packages in source and binary form.

Operating System



2010 RPM


2010 RPM