What is the reason for the site to exist? It's very simple. It's is the place where my personal writings and toy development projects live. Beyond sharing ideas and generating meaningful discussion, it has no more reason than any other site. Occasionally I may promote events or specials which I believe to be important.


My name is John M. Schneiderman, and that is an approximation of what I look like on the left. I formerly attended Augustana University, where my primary major was Computer Science. I am deeply involved in learning as much as I can about programming and the GNU operating system. I am a proud member of the Free Software Foundation, and hope to one day contribute code to their projects. I have a deep passion for music, politics and philosophy as well.

My Public Keys

Each of my project packages are signed using my FSF public key. If you need help using GPG signatures visit this handy guide on how they work . Note: If you're a KDE desktop user and have KGPG or Kleopatra installed, you'll be able to click and import my public key.

Programming and Scripting Languages

From very early on I have always felt that being polyglottal was important to being a good developer. If for no other reason than it gives you the ability to reason and break apart problems in multiple ways. It doesn't mean you need to know every language or use it daily, but to have the right tool available when the problem arises, that's when it pays off.

My Known Languages

  • Awk
  • Bash
  • C
  • C++
  • C#™
  • LISP, Common
  • Python
  • QuickBasic
  • VisualBasic.Net